Information Security Policy

1. Objective and scope of information collection

The collection of information done on website www.c-brewmaster.vn includes customer’s full name, email, phone, shipping information. Those are required by www.c-brewmaster.vn when customer registers for the service and for www.c-brewmaster.vn to contact customers for supports, confirmation or consultation.

Customers are responsible for security and storage of his information and activities via eletronic channel. Customers are to inform immediately to www.c-brewmaster.vn for illegal, abuse violence of its information privacy for mutual cooperation.

2. Eligible scope to use customer information:
www.c-brewmaster.vn uses customer information to:

  • Provide service
  • Deliver the goods
  • Send emails relating to goods
  • Send its updated activities to customer
  • Exchange conversation
  • Provide shipping information to the transportation service provider
  • Required by local authorities: police, court.

3. Duration to store customer information
Customer information is stored by www.c-brewmaster.vn. It will be deleted if required by customer. Information will be deleted if required by customer by writing to:
Information Section of
VIETCRAFT Joint Stock Company
Address: 32 Phan Văn Trị, Phường 12, Quận Bình Thạnh, tp. Hồ Chí Minh
Email: trang.le@ccraft.vn – Hotline: 0903 686 802

If customers believe that www.c-brewmaster.vn provided his information to the third party without its consent, customers can write claims to the address mentioned above. www.c-brewmaster.vn is responsible to solve the issue if the claim has a reason.

4. Method to adjust personal information.
Customer please writes to email: trang.le@ccraft.vn and www.c-brewmaster.vn will support cusomer to adjust or delete.

5. Commitment to protect customer information:
www.c-brewmaster.vn commits to protect customer information. The collection is to be done with the consent of customer.
Not to transfer, provide, share information to the third parties
If the sytem is hacked, www.c-brewmaster.vn will notify customers.
Customer is responsible for legal side of its information. www.c-brewmaster.vn does not bear responsibility to solve claims relating to inprecise infomrmation provided.